Angel Eyes getting banged by lucky bastard James Caviezel in the movie Angel Eyes. While pursuing a suspect one night, Chicago Police officer Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) nearly becomes the victim of a fatal ambush until a mysterious stranger, Catch (Jim Caviezel) intervenes, disarms the assassin and saves Sharon's life. Is it a stroke of luck? A twist of fate? Or just a concerned citizen who happened to pass by at the right time and wasn't afraid to get involved? Maybe, But Sharon and Catch have met once before. As the two fall in love, they discover the truth about each other and are forced to deal with the secrets from their past. Sharon Pogue (Lopez) is a Chicago police officer who ends up being in the worst of situations as she is looking right into the barrel of a loaded gun while pursing a drive-by suspect, as the trigger is about to go off, a mysterious man named "Catch" (Caviezel) rescues Sharon by disarming the suspect. As Sharon is dealing with demons from her past and forming a relationship with "Catch", she's also unaware that this isn't the first meeting between Sharon and "Catch".
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